I came to Mat when I realized there was no way I could squat correctly on my own. I had just moved to Vancouver and was adamant to get serious with my form. As most of you may know if you’ve been following me for a while, I’ve had a bunch of issues ranging from hip and ankle mobility, tight af rec fem, overactive adductors, scoliosis, long femurs, underactive glutes, didn’t understand the concept of clawing the ground and bracing... you name it. The list can go on. I could have easily come up with excuses as to why I’d never squat again but I’m not a quitter. Within our first couple of sessions I learned how to perform a body weight squat correctly. Transitioning to the barbell was a new beast that took me around 10 sessions to conquer. I’ve learned how to correct my list of problems with a variety of mobility training, alongside personalized FST work that Mat will do after our sessions. We have now added weight to the barbell for all three lifts (bench & deadlifts included) and I’m considering competing in my first powerlifting meet! Mat has really helped me learn the importance of mobilizing your body before getting into your lifts, alongside what cues you need to remember to achieve proper form. Form is important, guys! It helps prevent injury!

Thank you Mat for being an awesome coach!




I spent years destroying my mind, body and spirit with drugs and alcohol, not to mention my bank account! But today in recovery, my body is my temple!

My health and fitness is such a huge part of my recovery and I am happy to invest in myself training with Mat. I am accountable, I am challenged, I'm suiting up and showing up, and just like my mind and spirit growing and changing in recovery, so are my muscles in the gym!


Mat's FST sessions have been a game changer for me in my training. Two of my biggest issues were tightness in my neck from an old injury - causes chronic pain in my left trap, shoulder & sometimes down into my bicep - and extremely tight hip flexors causing some problems in my low back and my knees. Before starting FST, I was going to physiotherapy almost every other week to get IMS to release those tight muscles, but I have only needed to go to physiotherapy once since starting FST sessions with Mat. FST has helped immensely with those tightness issues and a lot of my previous aches & pains have dissipated with FST!

My sessions with Mat have also greatly improved my mobility, translating into better movement, which in turn has helped with being able to lift more weight. FST has helped especially to open up my chest, shoulders, and my hips helping my overall form for deadlifts & my movement for squats is so much better.

After each FST session Mat also offers additional advice on exercises and stretches that you can use; I’ve learned a lot from him... he’s always dropping knowledge bombs during my sessions! Mat is also certified in FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) and he's showed me some things that I can do to further help with mobility.

Now because I’m better able to move and without pain, my workouts feel great and are far more productive!

Thank you Mat for fixing my body, getting it aligned again, and allowing me to move with freedom

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